Thursday, January 18, 2007 

Rediscover Web!

I got introduced to this browser an year back ....this thing Rocks .....
Web surfing was not so easier before.Yeah! I rediscovered the web as its caption says .
One thing for sure, when any thing goes open source it gets really better.Thanks to Netscape for letting Gecko into Open source.

There are few things that make this browser special, Tabbed browsing, Extensions and some options like - start searching when you type etc.

Extensions!! ya they make this browser a surfer's paradise.There are some cool extensions that I use, here is the list with my favourites at the top.

Web Developer

Greasy Monkey
Session Saver
Fire Bug
Venkman Javascript debugger
Edit Css
Cookie Editor
Fire FTP - (Though I use this rarely)

Kudos to all the developers involved in building them.

Have you rediscovered the web?