Tuesday, December 21, 2010 

Svn branching strategies.

I was often baffled by the different process that people follow while adopting svn for their work. Came across this link

Here are the process that they follow
  • Unstable trunk
  • Stable trunk
  • Agile release strategy¬†
For the projects that we work at scube, we followed Unstable trunk. However seems like Stable trunk is better strategy and a default strategy incase you are using git ?. I think it would help in automating the build process better as you always check out from trunk instead of a different branch every-time (esp for point releases).

Tuesday, December 07, 2010 

Excellent tutorial on linux usermanagement and sudo.

Just went through this excellent tutorial on linux user management and sudo permission management. And then my admin left over a window with root permissions :). And I would no longer need his window, ofcourse I would handle things with care. I hate restrictions ;)


Thanks & Regards
Saiprasad Rakasi