Tuesday, January 10, 2012 

Removing unnecessary .svn folders from

Found this cool script here to clear .svn folders on windows and a blog here  to delete the same on linux. Have fun.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012 

Java collections and generics.

Collections Framework.

General DS:
Linked list
Doubly linked list.
- Array / linked list can be used as stack, queue, heap.

Interface hierarchy.
- Lists
-- Lists
-- ArrayLists
-- Vectors
-- LinkedList
- Set
- Map
-- Hashmap
-- Sorting
- Sorting Collections
-- Comprable
-- Comparator

Joshua Bloch - created the collections framework.

The Collections class is implemented by set,list and queue. and holds a list of static methods to work on the collection of objects.

General methods in collection.
Add object
Remove object
Search / Find object.
Retrieve object
Iterate over objects.

Collections framework hierarchy.

List interface provides things like:
allows duplicates.
iterate over them.

Set interface is about:
- Does not allow duplicates.