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Thursday, December 14, 2006 

Tools for IE HTTP header debugging

I was wondering if I can get a tool which can be used to check and debug the http headers that are sent by IE .One of my seniors suggested this tool called IE HTTP HEADERS.
Ya, the title explains what it does .....this tool sits in the explorer bar and show you the headers of the http requests sent and the responses received by IE. You can find more about the same here.

Recently, I had to test the http responses sent by two different applications .Well, form IE http headers, I can only see the headers but not the body and I was not sure whether the headers were parsed properly by the IEhttpheaders (I was not sure about the chars) .....
I wanted an application which can show me the raw data (in hex) sent by both the applications and compare them ............finally found some good tools "FIDDLER (freetool by microsoft)",
"HTTP watch/IEwatch"(paid tools) . Check more about fiddler in microsofts article here.

Well if you are a mozilla fan like me ........then use this extension "Live HTTP headers"

If you want to play around with headers (edit,modify) and want to know how your application handles them use the following extensions Modify Headers, Tamper data.

If you want to see the complete network data send and received by your comp irrespective of application /protocol (http/top) then use "Ethereal" .I never use it for http debugging, as it gives more information than you want.... though you can set filters and view exactly the info you want .......who cares when http debuggers are readily available.Its a marvelous tool though designed for advanced users.I used it to learn about TCP/IP and had a great experience with it.

Hmm.......that's it about the tools .........happy http debugging :)

PS: Do not use all the three mozilla extensions together . Some one said they will cause a problem when used together...